Acoustic Vibe Strikes A Chord On Youtube For Tori Kelly

Six seconds for a music clip? “I put out this one jingle thing that kind of exploded on Vine.” It garnered more than 725,000 views.
For all graphics, video clip, as well as total post, go here:Acoustic vibe strikes a chord on YouTube for Tori Kelly

Drag to resize YouTube videos with Youtube Resize

Over the past year the YouTube group has increased their audience significantly. About a year ago their combined subscriber base totaled 950,000. Today they have over 8 million subscribers in their collective audience.
Go right here to check out the original:YouTube Group Our2ndLife To Assist Conan With MTV Movie Awards

Audiam Raises $2M to ‘Get People Paid’ for Use of their Music on YouTube

It’s helpful if you have a particular video player size preference for your particular display that falls outside of YouTube’s three options. Related stories Watch YouTube videos in a floating window on Android You’ll notice that with the extension enabled, when you mouse over YouTube’s video player, the cursor turns into a sideways arrow. It lets you drag and drop to resize the player. The extension places your selected video — no matter the size you choose — at the top of the page, with the related videos column pushed below the video, falling in line with the title. It’s the same layout you get when you choose YouTube’s large video player.
If you are looking to read through the original, head here::

YouTube Group Our2ndLife To Assist Conan With MTV Movie Awards

our2ndlife YouTube Group Our2ndLife To Assist Conan With MTV Movie Awards

Audiams backers include rock and punk stars Jason Mraz , Jimmy Buffet and Bad Religions Brett Gurewitz, along with Scott Schreer, the composer of the NFL on Fox theme song and founder and CEO of TuneSat Inc .; the Los Angeles management firm GSO Business Group ; an artist manager and promoter who books the Hollywood Bowl, Bill Silva ; and serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor Jonathan Siegel. Mr. Gurewitz, also the founder of record labels Epitaph and ANTI- , said he invested in Audiam because the company is solving a data confusion problem that hampers the ability of creative professionals to make a living in todays digital market. According to Mr. Price, Audiams technology bridges the gap between music publishers and tech companies like Google Inc., which owns YouTube.


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