Netflix Or Youtube Slow? Tell Us Your Strategies For Speeding Them Up

YouTube comments become a hilarious YouTube movie

I didnt know what it was but I was hooked. My eyes get, you know, heavy. I, just my brain relaxes so much and I get so connected to it that I just fall asleep. I mean I just conk out. And thats with no pills, no side effects, no danger of addiction.
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YouTube as your personal gym

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Netflix yesterday announced a deal to improve performance of the video provider’s streams for Comcast subscribers . However, Verizon is still locked in a financial battle with Cogent , one of Netflix’s Internet providers. Cogent’s CEO says Verizon’s refusal to upgrade infrastructure has resulted in Netflix packets being dropped every day. YouTube has also been a source of frustration for many people on a variety of Internet service providers, but savvy video watchers have sought technical solutions to their streaming problems. As we recently explained, using a VPN or third-party DNS service can sometimes improve Netflix or YouTube quality by routing traffic around bottlenecks .
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But is it just another of his pranks? Disturbing footage appears to show man panhandling in California before he gets in his car and drives to his house The footage was posted online by YouTube personality Jack Vale He confronted the fake beggar who admitted to his crime, but then lost his cool and told Vale to ‘Get the f**k off my porch’ Some commentators are skeptical as Vale’s YouTube channel is typically reserved for his pranks PUBLISHED: 22:26 EST, 24 February 2014 | UPDATED: 03:54 EST, 25 February 2014 170 shares
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Moment YouTube presenter caught begging ‘Homeless man’ driving to his OWN home. But is it just another of his pranks?

This helps optimize the workout experience. For people just starting a workout routine (though this is a good reminder for experienced exercisers too), its important to get in the habit of stretching daily, ideally twice a day, in addition to drinking plenty of water. Hydration is important to the most basic bodily functions, and will only help to maximize your workouts and recovery time. Proper nutrition is also vital.
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But there are also the willfully aggressive types who steam into comments sections in order to enjoy their own particular form of Fight Club. The problem with these so-called troll types is that their discourse doesn’t always rise to the level of minimal grace or education. Instead, there’s rabid invective, with spellings from the time of Chaucer. If you’re lucky.
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