The Sunday Funnies: ‘you Shall Not Pass, Dog’ Tops 2m Views On Youtube

Why Full Albums Need to Go from YouTube Right Away


Sam Wilkes from the Huffington Post wrote about the latest Internet sensation and posted on Thursday: Very few things come between a dog and its owner. Dogs have faced down cars, burglars, and even bears in order to protect humans. Yet there is one obstacle that continues to confound them: cats. Families derive many benefits from owning a pet. However, as most moms know, things dont always run smoothly in a home with pets and little people. Kids can be bratty and felines can be catty, while dogs sometimes cause chaos.
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"You Shall Not Pass, Dog" has gone viral with views topping 2M on Dec. 7.

The app is now available through the 3DS eShop in North America and Europe, joining Netflix and Hulu which launched just last month. (In case its not obvious, YouTube is not available on a Game Boy Color, nor does it ship in cartridge form. But these mockups , like the one featured here, are pretty awesome.) Founded February 2005 Total Funding $11.5M Overview YouTube provides a platform for you to create, connect and discover the worlds videos.
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YouTube postpones music streaming launch until 2014

The premium option also allows subscribers to listen to entire albums rather than just to the titles for which a music video exists. Once YouTube’s streaming platform finally launches, it will have to compete with other well-established services such as Spotify and Deezer, but also with Play Music, the platform owned by YouTube’s parent company Google.
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YouTube Finally Lands On The 3DS

They pursue a do first, ask forgiveness later strategy. Thus all the while Google is launching two music subscription services (Google Play Music All Access and the forthcoming YouTube offering) it is also lobbying for copyright reform and posting a link to for every successful copyright takedown. In other words Google talks the talk but only reluctantly so and it does the absolute minimum of walking the walk. Nowhere is this approach more apparent in YouTube and the presence of user uploaded full albums. A coherent argument can be made that 383 million views of Miley Cyruss Wrecking Ball Vevo video delivered clear benefits to the artist and her team (both though direct Vevo advertising and the vast exposure). Full length albums ripped into YouTube by users have no such benefit. In fact labels in the main do what they can to remove them using YouTubes takedown process. If Google was arights allyrather than arights frenemyit wouldnt solely wait to be told to take stuff down, at least for the really obvious and high profile stuff, but it doesnt. Take a look at these top search results for Adele, U2, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beatles (see figure 1). The full album results are high lighted in red, many of which have hundreds of thousands of views each, in the case of Adeles 21 it is more than 1 million, and some have been live for more than a year. In the case of the Beatles all of the top results are full albums. I doubt that the Beatles spent the best part of a decade not licensing to iTunes in order to suddenly throw it all straight up on YouTube. There are also endless ripped live DVDs and recorded TV broadcasts of live concerts (see figure 2). Its pretty hard to see why somebody would want to buy a live DVD of a U2 show when they can get the entire show in 1080p HD on YouTube. And of course because it is a continual 2 hours and 22 minutes of video the viewing experience will be virtually ad free, save for a 30 second pre-roll and the odd pop up which can easily be clicked off. The only winner here in business terms is YouTube.
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